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  • 128,00

    Take a bag to carry on the shoulder, add a touch of minimal elegance and the color you want… you will have a backpack with a timeless and irresistibly comfortable style.

    Vi presentiamo il Marinart!

  • 18,00

    Coin purse that allows you to see the money easily when opened.

  • 158,00

    We present a single shoulder bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.
    The presence of four pockets allows you to have a place for everything, while remaining light and very practical!

  • 250,00

    La Plombier grande è una borsa morbida e capiente adatta anche per un weekend lungo fuori casa.

  • 205,00

    La Plombier piccola è una borsa morbida adatta sia per tutti i giorni che per un’uscita serale.

  • 8,00

    Small keychain made with the shape of a horseshoe, essential and colorful.

  • 18,00

    The keydoor Rosa is an object that can also be used as a decoration, light and large enough to be seen immediately inside the bags.

  • 228,00

    A special shopper, each piece has a finish with always different colors that make the profile of this model unique.

    WARNING! The zippers and finishes color may differ from that shown in the pictures!

  • 18,00

    The Ibiz Bookmark is unique for the combination of colors that characterize it, there is no one alike.

  • 95,00

    This leash and this collar are made of natural cowhide and have parts decorated with various colors in calfskin and kidskin.

  • 28,00

    The Shopper Ibiz is characterized by colored calfskin handles that can be easily removed so as to allow the bag to be washed in the washing machine and is very roomy.

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    A classic shape but with an innovative touch, we present the Silv.